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For many years, Sarah was a Recommended Associate of Intelligent Horsemanship working with horses and their owners to overcome behavioural problems and to train the horse in the most sympathetic and effective way possible. Her book, “No Fear, No Force“, is considered to be the leading book on how to train a wild or unhandled foal and has been used to train older horses too.

Her autobiography, “From Sober Dress to Sturdy Boots” is on the way and will be available through this website very soon.

Announcement: Thank you for visiting my website. Please note that, as from 1st May 2017, I will no longer be working as a horse trainer. Until that date, I will only be working with my current clients. I would like to thank all of my customers, past and present, for involving me in their work with horses, particularly all those that have become friends.

Whilst the future is unknown, my book “From Sober Dress to Sturdy Boots” is almost finished and its sequel, “The Horses are Alright…” has been started. So I suppose I am an author.

My book, “No Fear, No Force” is available through this website and also the wonderful Bar Buffers which will make such a difference to the comfort of your horse when travelling.